Possible reason for not being able to access computer via hostname (system error 5)

Recently i had to connect 2 computers on big network and i had a problem when i tried to use hostname of the computer to access it via OS network panel or by using net view from command prompt. There would be an error raised (system error 5 in command prompt and some silly message in windows). Here is how i managed to solve this problem…After i wasted decent hour by checking advanced network and sharing settings, group policies and other areas i got my facts straight.

1. It was possible to access computer network shares if i would use IP address of computer

2. When i would used hostname error would be reported

First thing was to check for obvious suspects (hosts and lmhosts files in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC folder). Hostname and IP addresses in these files were ok.

Then out of blue i checked was there any other computer in network with same hostname – BINGO! As soon i renamed computer and mada restart net view didn;t reported anymore error when hostname is used and computer could be accessed from network via hostname.

Conclusion: Start with simple things. Error like this are in most cases caused by double hostnames on network or incorrect values in hosts files. Cheers.

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