Steelseries Arctis 3 – review and unboxing

This is the short review and unboxing of wired Steelseries Arctis 3 headset.

Video of Arctis 3 review and unboxing


Device comes in good looking but simple and regular quality carton box. It doesn’t have some of that high quality feeling like some other models and brands have, but this is not even expected in this price range.

This headset is used mostly as a gaming headset, but it can be used for other purposes as well, thanks to it’s elegant look without flashing lights and colors, comfortable cushions and good microphone.

Box content is pretty simple. It contains headset and set of wires for it.

User guide is not in the box, but it can be downloaded from the steelseries website.

While i’m struggling with rest of the unboxing, let’s talk about each presented component and as well about build, sound and microphone quality of Arcti3 headset.

Headset packaging is including two sets of wires. Wires are not too tin, but also do not give very robust feeling. They are definitely ticker than wires on standard earbuds, but connectors seem like a potential week point in case of fall or some other pressure on wire.

First wire is 1,2 meters long and on one end has 3,5 mm jack while on the other end is main cable connector, which connects to the main cable jack on headphones.

Second wire is 1,8 meters long dual 3,5 mm extension cable with 3,5 mm jacks for headphones and microphone.
In total, with both connected, headset cable is 3 meters long. Quick math.

Build quality

Arctis 3 build quality is very good. Even though it cannot be compared with very expensive models, plastic used to build headphones is not a fingerprint magnet and seems to be pretty resistant on accidental scratches.

Accidental taps on headphones are very audible to person wearing the headphones.

Cushions are not made out of usual cheap leather like materials, and instead headset is using textile “airweave” materials which are very comfortable and will keep your ears from sweating even after hours of headset use.

Microphone and sound quality

Mute button and volume control are located on headset. Besides these control buttons, main cable connector and headphone share jack are there as well.

One of the interesting notes from our test is that mute button is not active when it is pressed in headset. This means that in order to mute microphone, button must be out. This was confusing at the beginning as we have expected that mic will be muted when button is pressed in.

Retractable microphone can be adjusted in any direction and sound quality of this microphone is pretty good. Better than any other headset i have tested.

You can adjust headset size only by adjusting the velcro straps on the sides of the headband.

When it comes to the sound quality, I have tested Arctis 3 connected to smartphone and to the PC. In general, these are relatively quiet headphones which are not offering very strong bass, but music sound quality is good. Comparing to my AKG K-451 they produce deeper, more pleasant sound.

In games, we can observe the same as in music. Somewhat quiet headphones, which will make you keep the volume settings up, but sound quality and orientation is good, which will help in FPS, but also in other types of games.

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