Deleting / removing / uninstalling DaVinci Resolve from Linux

Deleting / removing / uninstalling DaVinci Resolve from Linux is not so obvious, but it is relatively simple task if installation path is known.

Deleting / removing / uninstalling DaVinci Resolve from Linux video

If you were testing free or studio version of Davinci Resolve on Linux, and decided to uninstall it due to lack of support for some common codecs or some other reasons, this is the quick guide + video which describes the steps needed to remove it.

In this case i am using Pop!_OS, which is ubuntu based distro, and Davinci Resolve 17, but steps should be same on all Ubuntu based distributions and Davinci Resolve versions 16 or 17.

For other distros and newer versions of Davinci Resolve, please check if paths described in this video are valid before proceeding.

Do not perform these steps unless you know what are you doing. If done incorrectly, these steps can lead to loss of data, since files are being permanently deleted from disk.

Installation is quite easy and simple, as installation package is installed by simple download and execution. Uninstallation is not so simple, since apt or package manager are not aware of Davinci Resolve installation.

To remove Davinci resolve, use file manager or terminal to confirm existance of following paths and files.

/usr/share/applications/ will contain shortcuts to Davinci Resolve applications and /opt/resolve will contain Davinci Resolve installation.

Next steps include execution of commands which will remove files from disk. Perform these steps on your responsability and only if you want to remove Davinci Resolve.

First we will remove opt resolve folder.
Open terminal and execute following commands

sudo rm -rf /opt/resolve

Then we remove icons from applications menu by executing command

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/applications/com.blackmagicdesign.*

Note the star at the end which indicates to remove all blackmagingdesign icons. If you do not wish to do that, then specify exact icon which you want to remove.

As a last step, navigate to your Documents folder and if you do not have any saved resolve projects or profile data which you want to save, remove Blackmagic folder.

Please share your experiences in comments with different versions and distributions, so we can help other viewers to deal with removal of Davinci Resolve.

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